Cristina Ventry

I have known Steven Brier for what is now more than forty years.  When we first met in New York City I worked for him as a sales assistant.  He was an aggressive multi level marketer achieving notable sales records.

At the same time I knew that something about him was “off”.  I never knew why, but his speaking and body movements were quite stiff and off putting.  I tried to use my spiritual bent and intuition to figure out his strangeness but never did.

I had a personal tragedy at the time and left his employ.  However we would stay in touch every few years during the 1980,s and maybe a little later  whenever we met he was ths same person I first knew: “off” with stilted speech and body movements.

When I called him in the early 2000 for personal reasons now living in Niagara Falls I expected to hear the same awkward robotic speech.  I was shocked to find he had loosened up, become more related and human.  I then learned that his earlier stiffness was inherited family autism.

A few years later he asked that I view one of his videos and was mesmerized to see the methods he unearthed to dissolve his stiffness.  He somehow developed some unique talent for becoming a human.

I recommend that every person who knows anyone who can benefit from Steven Brier’s methods, whatever they are view and very often any videos that include his otherworldly animations.  The ones I saw were:  Inside My Rainman Brain and Black & White Became Color: Neurogenesis

Most sincerely,

Cristina Ventry

4715 Lewiston Rd

Niagara Falls, New York 14305

 May 12, 2014

Shelley Stoehr

Your work was mind-blowing and eye-opening. I have just purchased a coloring book of mandalas for my young, autistic son, as an introduction, based on reading your work. This is the most sensible analysis of autism I’ve ever read. Thank you for sharing with me.

I’ve found the material to be very interesting and it has given me a lot to think about. Like how to start my child on a path to mindfulness, different ways to think about his autism and the internal struggles that I don’t see on the outside. It’s really interesting that he always used to walk in circles when talking and he just recently stopped. He told me he doesn’t know why he stopped, but he misses it. Thoughts on that?

The writing is very personal, I like that. I also like your repetition of images and stories, phrases and ideas. It is just the right amount to make what is complex subject matter, more accessible. I could see parents as well as older autistic people using your website and writings/experiences as the starting or jumping off point for their own internal explorations. I can see you reaching a lot of people who may have felt hopelessly lost. Now they will have a direction.

 Shelley Stoehr

mother, writer of young adult fiction

Steven E. Katz, M.D

To Whom it may concern,

Steven Brier is one of the most remarkably intuitive individuals I have ever met.  From my perspective,  his “self analysis” and study of autism,  a work of more than a quarter century, deserves the deepest regard and should be taken very seriously.

I have known Steven for more than 30 years.  Initially, I met him only briefly in a business context.  Despite the fact that my early  encounters then were quite brief,  his savant autism impersonation of life impressed me and many as the real thing.   In fact, he was running a successful finance and was a respected art collector.

After several years, Mr. Brier called me about a year ago to say hello.   He began to share his “research project” including dreams,  journals and critiques of the work of Freud and Jung.  Needless to say, initially,  I was more than a bit shocked and taken back by his self diagnosis and his reworking of Freud’s “Interpretation of Dreams” into a personal context,  but gradually came to trust his critiques.  I accepted his savant autism analyses and that he  had gotten through life by mirroring other’s behaviors and imitating them through  his savant brain’s memory plus intuition.

During the course of the last year, and apparently to a significant degree due to his interactions with me, we developed a mutual respect and an involved trusting relationship.  I was able to witness the manner in which he utilized directives of his unconscious in a manner that was transformative and eye opening for me despite my half century of experience with many of my most sophisticated colleagues.

Steven E. Katz, M.D.

Professor, Retired, Department of Psychiatry, Langone, New York University Medical Center

Former Commissioner, New York State Office of Mental Health and Director of Psychiatry, Bellevue Hospital Center

Senior Consultant, Autism Inside Out Project

Richard Kurtz

Steven Brier is an intuitive genius.  I first met Steven at an art opening in Miami Beach, Florida in 2013. Our meeting had the feeling of a past life connection .

Steven and I became friends and on occasion he would visit my painting studio.  His insights are true and continue to connect me to an inner world of discovery. He has helped me flourish. Now, I have the courage to delve deep into knowing myself.  He is a true guide and I recommend his work in human development  and autism to all who wish to have the ultimate guide in the universe in their corner.


Richard Kurtz

Santa Fe, New Mexico