Space-time autism confusions between parallel worlds

Autism space-time healing image contains two kids facing eternity

Autism space-time healing arts image

WARNINGS – Autistic people have little concepts of time or space. Ever wonder why?

Space Time in Autism

Space time disorientation for autistic people is a very common experience. Numerous accounts of disorientation are studied scientifically without an overriding explanation.c

Why are so many disoriented in precisely the same way?

For myself I’ve never felt like I was living in my physical body for my entire life. “If I’m not here, then where am I?” was my big question that plagued me forever. I had asked shrinks for years, with not even an attempted answer.

I sensed that underneath, above, below or alongside physical reality was something I knew existed but could not explain. I’d been so used to it; it was something I never questioned.

It’s really hard to describe if you never had the experience. It felt like a downdraft in a long, winding, bottomless tunnel. It didn’t take much for me to literally drop into this other dimension.

Shrinks might call it ‘dissociation’. They are right. But, the world of dissociation is not nowhere. It’s somewhere. It never had a name until I read Jung’s archetype descriptions.

The inner world of autism is the world of archetypes. It is Einstein’s time space continuum, physicists’ multiverse or parallel world theories.

It is where I had been going, my nameless dissociation was a drop into that dimension.

It felt like life on the edge of eternity. It’s life as a non-stop, near death experience.

It would not take much for me to drop into the autism space-time continuum.
Then I took Ecstasy one summer day on a rear lawn in East Hampton in the summer of 1987.

“You are betwixt and between parallel worlds.”

These words were whispered to me one morning around 1990 in my upstairs kitchen during my most intense dream period. It was similar to the messages I’ve been receiving at the tail end of other dreams.

My world of high functioning autism had to be Jung’s archetypes. Every detail of his descriptions as to the the inflated and archaic way used by archetypes to communicate was confirmed by the ‘parallel worlds’ wording and many others.

Witnessing my newly externalized autism behaviors my denial method to keep myself from dropping into the eternal world next door. It was my way to avoid annihilation if I dropped into this world next door.

One of the blaring experiences of life on the edge of eternity, is how every normal human feelings and sensations become overwhelmingly huge and as large as a New York skyscraper. Every smallest feelings and sensations became global, huge and eternalized. A feeling of guilt instantly mutates into an overwhelming flood of cosmic eternal guilt. A feeling of shame instantly mutates into an overwhelming flood of cosmic eternal shame. Anger instantly mutates into an overwhelming flood of rage without beginning without end.

If you ever wondered why an autistic person over-reacts to a small everyday event. The reason is a minor event in autism has timelessly expanded into the entire history of the world unseen and not understood. Think about that the next time a blind unexplainable autistic over reaction drives you crazy.

Dreamland: Surfing Times Square in the Fourth Dimension

My sense of being in another dimension was confirmed during my four years of intense dreaming. Dreams became my doorway into this other dimension that resembled Jung’s collective unconscious world of archetypes, Einstein’s time space continuum, and the other familiar descriptions.

Navigating inner space was like surfing on eternity with no bottom and no top, no beginning and no end. I remember how scary it was knowing that I was even more alone than my normal autistic aloneness. I would have to figure this out myself.

I was surely in another dimension, yet I was not alone. I heard voices and whispers constantly. I had a sense that Jung’s archetypes were nearby chattering about what this crazy person (me) was trying to accomplish.

What was it like? Imagine surfing on the world’s largest, most treacherous reef using your mind and intuition as a surfboard.

Each moment in this timeless medium was a life or death challenge. One wrong movement and goodbye – you drop into eternity.

No, there is nothing farfetched about what I did and why I know that autism is the unmediated experience of Jung’s Collective Unconscious, which steps in with certain vulnerable people and replaces a personal unconscious.

Autism research should reconsider not only my experience but the science of physics and the intuitions of Jung.

Today, over 70 million people are caught in a parallel world that has been well described by some experts like Jung and Pauli, yet not recognized by traditionalists in current medical research.

If modern autism researchers were to take a look at several other directions as I did, they may find the autism mystery is no mystery at all.

Selected Research (there is a lot more where that came from)

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