Mandala expression aids autism integration – FREE Templates

Mandala Templates help autism integration –

Mandalas reflect autism’s inner world

Free creative expression allow autism’s inner states to become conscious.

Mandala and the arts have been a major tool helping me to  connect the inner world of autism to the outer world of sensory life.

My own recovery and regeneration were made possible with free creative expression.

Drawing mandalas for me was spontaneous but templates would have helped.

Making tangible the meaningful correspondences between inner and outer worlds was a key tool in reconciling my autism condition to the unseen world of eternal forms and archetypes.

Mandala healing resource below are useful mostly free resources as starters for the individual path each autistic person must confront

Allowing free expression via Mandals is best experienced over time and in color.  It becomes a journal of your inner life.  Seen together they provide a healing perspective.

Archetype of Wholeness: Jung and the Mandala from mandalaZone archives Essays on mandalas, spirituality and the universe by Peter Patrick Barreda

Pinterest Autism Inside Out – Mandala Board  always adding images of the eternal

Art Therapy Blog – coloring mandalas for kids.

Free printable mandala pages   ***** 254 free mandala for private use – templates to print out and colour in.

Print Mandala ***** Free mandalas for young and old –  free printable mandalas are suitable for young and old. Some

Free Mandalas  *** nice resource for coloring and designing mandalas – downloadable and printable

Drawing a Huge Mandala (400x Speed Edit) – well done with music and artist narrative about his process.

How to Grow a Mandala  Simple and easy method of mandala drawing and meditation, relaxation, prayer, and creative expression.

Mandala Art Therapy & Healing Idea by Vazgen Stepanyan – dreany visual effects of Mandala images

Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, a Spiritual Pilgrimage – Walking the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, France on July 29, 2010. Part of a Spiritual Pilgrimage led by Lynne McNaughton and Gerald Hobbs. – Music – “Clair de lune” Andante tres expressif” by François-Joël Thiollier

How to draw- Mandala Art nicely done short example of drawing mandala.

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