Autism Definition – direct experience of archetypes

Autistic Definition healing art image

Autistic Definition healing art image

WARNINGS –  This autism definition comes solely from personal experience.  It helped overcome autism as an adult.

Autism Definitions So Far

Autism definitions currently fall into two main categories:

1) Autism researchers and professionals generally describe symptoms, characteristics, or behaviors seen from the outside.

The most significant new definition highlighting these external behaviors can be found in the updated 2013 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM 5), created by the American Psychiatric Association.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is the new terminology for a very broad range of autistic behaviors. Links are below.

Other autism researchers now use sophisticated high tech equipment to identify genetic or other causes for the symptoms, characteristics, or behaviors. Though this appears to be inside it also describes appearances, in this case genetic or molecular.

2) Articulate autistic writers describe their personal experiences which reveal their inner lives. Several years ago such writing was surprising as it was assumed that the lack of speech for many autistic people implied lack of anything meaningful happening inside as well as lack of self- awareness.

Temple Grandin, Donna Williams, and others have fall into this category and have provided insights into the mind of the autistic individual. They have most often used the language of psychology and Western medical science.

Neither psychiatrist nor these very good autistic writers claim to know what causes autism.

Thus, autism remains a mystery.

Autism Definition Update

I offer a new definition to explain the autism mystery.  It’s  based on first-hand experience of autism’s unseen inner world.  My research methods are fully described here (link to

Autism is the unmediated experience of what the great Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, called the Collective Unconscious.   This concept emerged from his analysis of dreams of schizophrenic patients.

His patient’s dreams revealed images and knowledge of a universal human experience that was not known from their personal experiences. My extensive self-created dream experience also generated universal images not knowable from personal experience.

I had the same experience but as doctor/patient.

Autism understood permitted me to develop solutions based on this new paradigm.   This allowed for reverse engineering savant autism.  I successfully recovered all normal sensory and feeling deficits. and lived on both sides of world:  fully autistic and non autistic in one lifetime.

The Collective Unconscious

The collective unconscious is a layer of the psyche embedded below the more well- known personal unconscious accessible with only the greatest efforts and difficulties.  It consists of archetypes, or eternal forms common to every  person.

I accessed the Collective Unconscious by way of an outpouring of thousands of dreams in the late 1980’s.

I had no preconceived notions except to find a solution to my miserable life despite financial successes.

Jung’s world of archetypes revealed itself very slowly over many years.

Who were they or what were they?  The usual cast of characters. Wise Old Man, Anima, and more.

Details will be available in other sections of this site.

So What Is Autism?

It is the direct experience of the collective unconscious by someone susceptible due to loose ego boundaries or a tenuous sensory system limiting their ability to create a personal unconscious.

Archetypes take over. I saw them through dreams. They become parents to the autistic child. They are the direct cause of each autistic symptom. I sourced all my autism behaviors and repressed behaviors to their archetypal source. My psyche internalized and acted out archetypal behaviors or energies.

Underneath dissociation, rage, circling, social unrelatedness, rituals, stemming, sameness, staring, fixations, and sensory processing disorders is a Jungian eternal form.

Every strange autistic behavior had purpose and meaning when viewed in this light. I know I could see mine.

For this reason they can be approached without shame and without force feeding aspects of behavioral approaches

Autism Stockholm Syndrome / Projective Identification

This overpowering energy from the collective unconscious overwhelms the child.  It generates a psychological response similar to psychological states likes projective identification or Stockholm syndrome in normal non-autistic human psychology.

Projective identification was a psychological concept first introduced by the Post Freudian psychologist Melanie Klein. She was a significant historical theoretical psychologist and the first to use traditional psychoanalysis with young children.

Projective identification describes a process usually in a close relationship, (as between mother and child, lovers, or therapist and patient) where one person internalizes the other person so completely as to annihilate their own identity.

It is similar to the so-called Stockholm Syndrome, a psychological phenomenon where helpless prisoners or hostages identify with an assumed role of their captors as a form of traumatic bonding. During the process of this adaptation the individual loses their identities and assumes the identities of their captors.

Identifying with the aggressor is one way that the ego defends itself. When a victim assumes the same values as the aggressor, which allows them to minimize the threat.

In a similar fashion autistic children are confronted with the overwhelming power of a parallel world of archetypes. They internalize and act out the pure energy of archetypes from this direct experience of Collective Unconscious pre-empting personal unconscious.

Underneath circling, aphasia, staring, mind blindness, is a very specific universal pattern.

When I was able to use my mindfulness practice to correlate my autistic behavior to the archetype I would reconcile them. On average it took about 5 years per autistic behavior of 24/7 mindfulness meditation to understand, correlate, watch and pray each syndrome, each behavior, each madness.

I have worked my way through this process 24/7 since 1987. It took from 1987 to 1994 to spontaneously see colors with depth perception in downtown Oklahoma City on June 8, 1994.

From 1994 to early 2000s other sensations and feelings returned. From 2005 to 2010 I witnessed my reactions to listening to classic jazz. Midway I heard melodies for the first time. Then all manner of real world sounds not the unearthly sounds from another dimension of reality.

I have watched for a quarter century my road show of the unseen parallel world that is the root cause of autism.

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